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Question to ask visitors
Question after smiley click
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Actionable insights

Learn what users think as they browse your website
Improve your site/service/product

Collect email leads

After feedback is gathered, visitor is asked for his/her email address
Use this email to make a sale, get more information, and more!

Super-easy to start

No need to create an account
No need to login
Just click on "Create My Widget" and copy code

Appears at the right time

Appears when the user intends to close the window, or scrolls to the bottom of the page
Optionally, set a timeout in seconds to display widget

Unlimited everything

Unlimited users served per day
Unlimited page impressions
Given free for an unlimited amount of time

Responsive design

Beautiful smiley design
Looks great on any device
Small and unobtrusive to the user

Gather visitor information

Collect city and country for each participant
Collect which smiley they clicked, feedback text, and email (makes it a lead generation machine)

Ask different questions on different pages

Ask questions according to context - create a different widget for each page
Unlimited questions on unlimited pages

Email Reports

Get a message for each feedback (can opt-out)
Weekly reports of gathered feedback

Tiny Footprint

Under 10k minified and gzipped
No performance effect on your website

100% Secure

All communication encrypted using SSL (secure socket layer)
Reports are sent directly to your e-mail, there's no other way to get them

Completely free

Why pay when you can get it free?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, yeah, there're no tricks. We earn money from other products and services and we've decided to provide this service completely for free. It helps us boost our brand and get more people to know us.
Yes. Click Create, then just copy-and-paste into your website. No signup, no passwords, nothing!
We may do it! Write to us at
We're always looking for new ideas on how to improve this widget.
We'd love it if you share this tool with your friends. Share in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, whatever. Just share share share!

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